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The Microweber Team

We are just a small patch of trees in the dense technological jungle. That doesn't stop us from aiming towards something big. We want to see you create and share content in the best way possible. We believe that website creation is the freedom to express your own ideas, dreams and individuality. We wish to and will help you achieve this.
Peter Ivanov The Developer

Internet and open source give the ultimate freedom to users. They gave me the freedom to turn my hobby into profession.

In the late 90s the Internet community here in Bulgaria was just starting its rapid growth. I got hooked by this phenomenon and the freedom it offered the users. I couldn't help but think that I have to do something, to somehow contribute to the development of this unique platform and the open source community.

That is how I started learning programming: to understand how the inside of a website operates and to later share my knowledge with others. And so I did when me and Boris started one of the first web design companies here.

It wasn't enough for me though. The blogging platforms were booming, e-commerce and online shops were on the rise. Users were taking over the internet. I was eager to build the technical base that helps their ideas come to life. And that's what I am doing at the moment.

Boris Sokolov The Designer

The users preferences have shifted. Now its all about software, not companies.

It all started with a project in university in 2004. I wanted to make my own website and then present my work to my peers. I was blown off by the possibilities website creation opens to the user. A few days after the presentation I bought a book for Adobe Photoshop and realized that web design was a perfect match for me. I read the book, then read another and another, it was like a fever.

I have known Peter for some years so it was easy to team up with him back in 2007. In time I understood something very important: users were becoming increasingly keen on creating websites. I wanted to be a part of this. I wanted to deliver software that will guide users to their passion just as my university project did it with me.

Now I want to create the best open source website builder and help people express themselves or start their online business in the easiest way possible.

Alexander Raykov The Front-end Developer

I dropped out of university, it wasn't clicking with me. I had grown to understand my passion: Front end development and User Experience development. I was a freelancer at heart and wanted to help other freelancers with my work.

The turning point of my life was when I met Boris and Peter back in 2007. We teamed up and it went great. Then the CMS sector unfolded and I thought that this was the freelancers dream: to create and share using good platform. The term design was sharply changing, people started talking about User Experience and User Interface, about simplicity teamed up with rich customizing and easy navigation.

That's what I'm trying to do here: craft a non-complicated UI that is easy to understand and even easier to use for both end users and developers & designers.

Nicholas Gerber The Investor

Ideas are not affected by any barriers. The internet made them global.

I'm Nicholas and we can say that I'm the main financial reason Microweber is here. I graduated from New Yorks Skidmore College and then continued with an MBA in Finance from the University of San Francisco. That was back in 1989 and since then I've taken part in many undertakings. Examples are the United States Commodity Fund and Ameristock Corp.

I really believe your ideas are not affected by any barriers. I stumbled upon Peter and Boris from a video in YouTube. Their CMS idea was intriguing; in fact, it was so interesting it got me passionate too. I invested in them without even seeing them in person and we worked 2 years in such manner before finally meeting in exotic Turkey in December 2013.

That's how the internet works. You see a video from Bulgarian developers while you are relaxing in USA. They share their idea, you share their inspiration and passion. Ideas just became global and its up to people all around the globe to present them to the world.

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