Аccepting Payments and Automatic E-mail

Your customers may have different types of payment methods and it’s only logical for you to have different types of accepted payments. Choose your range of accepted payments and set the currency your online shop will use. It can be dollars or euro, pounds or one of the hundredths of other currencies across the globe. We ensure you have the freedom of choice which you will utilize to the fullest.

There are few payment providers available now as we are working on integration more payment providers. For now Microweber support: Paypal, Authorize.net, Stripe, Mollie, Prelewy24, VoguePay, Payza and others...

 Automatic order e-mail

Developing a good relationship with your customers and creating a customer community is crucial for your business. Sending an e-mail to people purchasing from your online shop may seem like a small and unimportant part of the experience, but it’s not. Craft your perfect automated e-mail on your quest towards building an audience. Or, if you prefer, disable automated e-mails to your customers.