Hi when I paste html into page the system is addind additional code like %5c%22 boyh sides of pasted text

can you help

<a name="%5C%22anyword%5C%22">Jump to this place</a>

Comments for adding code

  2014-02-24 16:10:00
Hi Gary you can use the Insert->HTML from the editor at the top
garrytodd   2014-02-28 15:25:50
Hi Peter that worked ok thank you
Could you please give me instruction how to add theme or template
Microweber Team   2014-02-28 15:25:50
Hi Gary,

there is a tutorial here

We are making a skeleton template now with no styles

You can also add layouts in the default template by copying the files here
Rollin   2015-10-11 17:09:30
The link given is no good. Updated link?
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