Humberto September 05, 2015 / 00:00
Hi, I just want to know how to adjust picture scaling in the photo gallery module.
Thank you.

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Digital Dreamer   2016-01-05 13:20:47
Hello, Humberto,
Can you please tell what skin are you using?
Humberto   2016-01-05 13:20:47
Digital Dreamer, the skin name is 'Liteness'.
Humberto   2016-01-05 13:20:47
Sorry, I think you mean the photo gallery skin/template? I'm using 'simple'.
Digital Dreamer   2016-01-05 13:20:47
Try to follow the instruction in this link ->

TL;DR version -> in the foreach code there is "thumbnail($picture_link,150,150);" where you define the picture link, width and heigh. By modifying the values you can modify the output as you prefer!
Humberto   2016-01-05 13:20:47
Digital Dreamer, tried to follow your indications, but still cannot fix this problem.
Just edited the file $site/userfiles/templates/liteness/modules/shop/products/templates/2columns.php and annotated the following variables:
$tn[0] and $tn[1] to process -> src="<?php print thumbnail($item['image'], $tn[0], $tn[1]); ?> not getting the results expected.

I have another doubt, why the catalog loads images at random thumbnail sizes?
Digital Dreamer   2016-01-05 13:20:47
In this case $tn[0] is width and $tn[1] is height. Try instead of using them to put hard-coded values as the example above. I guess that for some reason it is not picking up the value. But since this is in foreach loop it should not be a problem. I will write it down as a bug and will pass it to the developers
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