I'm an osCommerce user, and after hearing of Microweber recently, I literally got on this site and immediately got really interested in it

I just want to ask what are the batch processing options, if any. The osCommerce site I set up for my father features products numbering at nearly thousands, with nothing much in the way of descriptions. I want if there is a way to batch upload products and their images along with a standard description.

Thank you

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Boris Sokolov   2014-02-17 12:50:03
Ok, oxwivi! Thank for this request.
We are start work on Import/Export functionality and this week can be done.

The first one will be Wordpress then OsCommerce and others.
Can you tell us your website so we can see what are your products and what properties they have.
nick   2014-06-19 21:16:35
Hi Boris, Are you still working on an osCommerce import? I saw the Import section in Settings but I assume that is for other CMS content rather than for product data.
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