jessicahandwork September 04, 2015 / 00:00
Is anyone else having trouble signing on to the back side of their site? 

I have two sites with Microweber installed on them and while the sites themselves are up and running fine everytime I try to sign in it tells me my password is incorrect. When I click "Forgot Password" the Captcha isn't working.

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Digital Dreamer   2016-01-05 13:20:15
Hello, jessicahandwork,
What version of Microwebere are you using?
Jessica   2016-01-05 13:20:15
Hi, Digital
I actually deleted Microweber off my site last week. When I couldn't sign on I called my hosting company and we realized that it was showing that Microweber was causing me to exceed the ionodes wrecking havoc on my site. I was having to constantly manually empty them. The I had two random pages show up under "my pages" that weren't mine. The addresses for them used the words pedophiles and priests...when I clicked on them they went no where but still, it was an obvios hack. I've never had an issue before so the best my hosting company and I could tell was that they came through microweber somehow. I sent Microweber a message about it along with a creen shot but still have not heard anything. I got a "how are you" auto response this week from when I was trying to figure it all out and signed up through their site vs the cpanel.

It's a shame, I was really liking the format...basically Squarespace without the ridiculous cost, but between the ionodes and the hack it just wasn't worth te trouble....wish it could have worked for me though! Great concept.
tyagi1502   2017-09-23 10:20:51
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