hello Is it possible to change color of header and footer of default template. I am loving Microweber but need more options in this template. Thank you

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Microweber Team   2014-03-18 10:32:28
Hello, compufacilmx!

It is, of course, possible, and it is done very easily. Just follow these steps:

1) Select your Header or Footer menu with the mouse
2) Click the Actions button (in the top right corner when working in Live Edit)
3) Choose the Tools tab from the drop-down menu
4) Select Background. You can then choose your custom color from the Background color option.

Hope it helped. If you have problems, there are some screenshots about this in the bottom of the Headers & Footers tutorial here:
Boris Sokolov   2014-03-26 09:07:43
Olga   2014-03-26 09:07:43
done, thank you very much! but now I am having another problem. my website looks great in my computer, but in my smartphone the content looks all mixed and overlaid, I understand that the template is responsive, isn't it? what should I do to fix this? Thank you. I am really loving microweber as Im learning how to use it :)
Boris Sokolov   2014-03-26 09:07:43
Olga, can you tell me what brand is your smartphone. In general the default theme "New World" support mobile devices and it is responsive. There is much more of this theme you can wish for, that's why we will release new "Lightness" theme this week, much more better look and usability and now we are testing it on mobile devices too.

Seems you made the header a fixed size as we replied to your question here:
Olga   2014-03-30 18:54:38
Thank you for your reply. I have changed the size property of the header but still the same. My phone is a Sony Xperia Z1, but I have tested it in iPhone 4, LG L7 and several, and it looks the same in all.
I'll be around to see when the new template you say is up and running.

Thank you
Microweber Team   2014-03-30 18:54:38
Hi Olga, the new template is up.

Download Microweber from here and upload it on your website.
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