Donations: microweber.com/mwdonate

If you can publish your donation account.
Paypal is not considered for me - Thanks.


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  2014-07-31 09:53:36
Hi, we have added out wire account to the donations page too. Here https://microweber.com/mwdonate

Thank you for your support, expect the new version with new templates included in few weeks.
ontourrh   2014-07-31 09:53:36
Thank you !
I also expect new version 1.0
ontourrh   2014-08-07 14:06:23
Hello Microweber!
Today I have released 25 € by bank credit transfer.

Thanks for your ....
ontourrh   2014-08-07 14:06:23
Message in Account for ontourrh:
"You have 1 invoices Pay all"

can delete please !

(Paypal is not considered for me)
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