Anytime I try to add an email link it puts a http:// before it so it doesn't act properly.

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Microweber Team   2014-07-31 13:34:44
Hello, Lance!

We just checked this, there was a problem with the mailto function indeed. It has been fixed and we will include it in Version 1.0 (coming until the end of the current month).

Thanks for noting!
lance   2014-07-31 13:34:44
Your welcome. I am very impressed with this software (i've been in the biz since 97) and like most people tired of wordpress bloat. It shouldn't take days to make sites! Thanks for your work! :) I will update when you release and continue to give feedback. I think microweber is awesome.
Microweber Team   2014-07-31 13:34:44
We thank you for sticking around, giving feedback and appreciating our work!

Having a great community on your side is something very inspiring. Me and the other guys are really happy for this!

Wish you happy days coming up ahead! :)
lance   2014-08-07 11:39:26
this is fixed as of version .94
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