(Via translator because I am French language)

Hello,Congratulations for your work.It seems to be an error in the menus!
After saving, the page no longer appears in the menu!
With Wamp-server as the demo…

Sorry for the previous topic ... Forgot the title.

Thank you to answer me.


After saving

Comments for Error menus

  2013-11-04 08:02:59
Hi Gphil,

This is because of a bug in version 8.3.. it is fixed in the coming version 0.9 which we will release this week
Gphil   2013-11-07 12:19:15
Hi Peter,
Good job and thank you.
It is prepared by local and next week it will be online for a tennis club.
  2013-11-07 12:19:15
Hi Philippe, the menus are fixed in the version. You can now update to v 0.9 from the admin panel

Click on Dashboard->Updates
write my thesis   2017-04-18 11:10:20
I updated to v 0.9. Everything is working now. Thanks!
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