What to expect from Version 1.0

We have been waiting for over 2 years for this moment and we can finally say it:

The testing for Microweber Version 1.0 has finally ended!

It took some long weeks of hard work, constant tests and a good amount of tinkering around the code. We’re exhausted but very, very happy.

The CMS is now completely functional and on par with design and user experience trends with the newly introduced inner interface. It’s a terrific improvement over what we had before – which was already a very good platform.

We thought about it a bit and decided that it still lacks something very valuable: templates. Currently we have only two templates that do no justice to the quality of the software. And if there’s something that matters a lot alongside functionality, this is the freedom of customization.

This is why we decided to work on a set of templates and release the version with a bundle of them in the end of August.

However, for everyone that are eager to test Version 1.0 of Microweber, we will release a downloadable Version 0.95. It will be the same as the version seen in the screenshots below. But it will not include the new templates we're currently working on.

It was a hard and debated decision but what we strive for is shaking the CMS waters a bit with a fully-finished product. We know you’re eager to get your hands on 1.0 – we’re pretty impatient regarding the release too! Just hang on there while we’re providing a diversity of templates that will further improve what we built already.

For some tease-and-please, we have prepared a thorough gallery of different screenshots. They show the Version 1.0 CMS in different aspects, including dashboards, statistics, ecommerce-related actions, layouts, Live Edit or Admin Panel view and many, many more.

Website content creation gallery 
(click on the images to view in full size)

Online Shop, Clients, Orders 
(click on the images to view in full size)

Live Edit View

(click on the images to view in full size)


Website Settings & Navigation

(click on the images to view in full size)

We are unleashing the full potential of Microweber as a new generation of CMS pretty soon. As always, stick with us and be our sidekicks on the amusing journey. As you already see, it's worth it.

Comments for What to expect from Version 1.0

ellascottgm   2018-05-21 02:50:48
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adamcrispin843   2017-03-21 09:40:44
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nader   2014-10-26 22:39:28
0.95 version the undo history doesn't work
0.95 the restore from backup doesn't work
i fails to install on mac yosemeti install stops at loading modules 63%
Not Sure   2014-10-17 01:09:08
Where is V1.0???????
Anticipation is killing me! (ok, not really but you know what I mean)
Vikrant   2014-09-26 12:20:39
Well I have installed the latest version from github and from the logs I can't see any updated templates. Will you be updating to new template soon?
I am planning to do a detail blog post on microweber soon since I really like it how you used create.js to build a very intuitive CMS.
Moz   2014-09-26 12:20:39
The august is will end soon. any updates on hosting solution ?
Валерий   2014-08-07 14:06:12
Занимаюсь созданием и разработкой сайтов уже более 5 лет. Более года назад случайно нашел вашу cms в интернете и протестировал. Вы лучшие. Вы действительно делаете удобную и понятную для людей cms. Верю и знаю что за вами будущее! Спасибо!
Microweber Team   2014-08-05 10:33:51

Yes there is a way. You can make a config file for each domain.

In the main folder make a file called config_example.com.php or config_yourdomain.com.php and you can have separate installs for each domain.
David   2014-08-05 10:33:51

is it actually possible to create something like a multipage (like in wordpress)? So you have to install only one microweber instance for a couple of independent pages?
Edward   2014-08-05 10:33:51
I just download the new version, wow!!!!!!!
Ankush   2014-08-05 10:33:51
That will be best and more secure
Microweber Team   2014-08-05 10:33:51
Thank you guys!

We are working hard on the release now. Updating our site and our internal servers at the moment. Till the end of the day the site should be on the new version and also the download section will be updated.

All user websites are to be migrated too.
rufncrus   2014-08-05 10:33:51
Is V.95 coming out today??
rufncrus   2014-08-05 10:33:51
Is V.95 coming out today??
David   2014-08-05 10:33:51
Hey guys,

you really should beat the big drum for your CMS a lot more. 'cause in my opinion microweber has the potential to become the real big one in the world of CMS. I'm excited for the final version and your templates. You guys do a absolutely great job!

peter   2014-08-02 20:08:30
A test version will come out on Monday probably
Olivier   2014-08-02 20:08:30
ok Boris, Thx i wait today....yes it's today lol
Boris Sokolov   2014-07-31 09:53:25
@Olivier "v.1 beta" will be released for download tomorrow as a v. 095.
We will publish a post for this release.
Thank you guys, all of you - for the kind words, we will try to provide you with something awesome!
Olivier   2014-07-31 09:53:25
hey Lance,
can you tell me how to find the 1.0 beta, I think 0.93 and even Github ?
David Caudwell   2014-07-31 09:53:25
Hi Guys,
I knew the very first time I saw Microweber (almost a year ago now) that you had a winning concept. I still believe your platform will dominate the CMS "world". Do you plan to provide a "tool" that will easily enable creation of custom templates that will encourage freelancers to "trade" templates on your website? That would really set things on fire!!! Congratulations on recent developments [:-P
Colocation   2014-07-31 09:53:25
Perfect we were all waiting :))
Microweber Team   2014-07-31 09:53:25
Whoa! :)) Really happy to hear your feedback and support once again, Lance and Des. Such a keen community is a bliss!
Des   2014-07-31 09:53:25
Can't wait to try the new version! Good luck guys! :)
lance   2014-07-31 09:53:25
Looking forward to the release. I'm already using the beta version live on 2 sites. Had to hardcode some quirks until 1.0 is released. For my company all new sites will be created with microweber. Thanks for the awesomeness and keep at it!
Microweber Team   2014-07-31 09:53:25
Thanks a lot, Nicholas and Moz! Glad you like it.

Moz, yes, we'll be doing templates parallel to the quality implementation of the solution for hosting companies. We'll do our best to introduce it around the same time V. 1.0 goes out with the templates.
nicholas Hughes   2014-07-31 09:53:25
phenomenal effort, we hope to standardize on microweber for all projects!
Moz   2014-07-31 09:53:25
I am very glad to hear this. I am waiting eagerly for the templates to come out. I am wondering if the "for hosting" solution will be available by the end of august?
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