Peter Ivanov July 11, 2015 / 00:00

We'd like to hear from you how we can improve Microweber

Please reply with your suggestions to this thread. 

After many suggestions have been made we are going to collect them and come up with a prioritized list (Roadmap) for the next releases. 

How exactly we will pick the number one thing to focus on we haven't figured out yet, but that's of secondary importance at this point. We first need suggestions, from you to get started!!

So, what can we do to make Microweber more valuable to you? What can we make you do to use it every day or every other day? What features would you like to see there?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to respond here :-)

You can also see some existing ideas and suggestions here

Comments for How can we improve Microweber?

User   2015-07-12 13:58:16

about this feature, you can just make a module for Livehelperchat (, it's powerful as MW.
Shams   2016-01-04 21:11:43
Now a days most of the peoples are using Wordpress because plenty of plugins are available and thousands of themes too. You cannot compete them. I am glad that you released this as opensource. But generating revenue is most important, then only you can improve this tool. I have used square space, wordpress, Drupal for my company websites. I am a programmer too. I just installed Microweber and created some pages and instantly I felt that this tool can be a premium cms but lots of thinks need to be improved especially live edit partial refresh is not good. As a digital marketing professional, I would like to say that just organize the editor tools in more professional way, improve the functionality of each module especially modules used for layouts and reduce http requests. Most of the users wants to edit the site content live. So speed is very important. Take a precise look on each element and only keep most important tools in the admin and editing panel. I appreciate that you guys are doing good job but should aim high. I feel a proper marketing and sales strategy will make this tool as best in the market. A best R&D team will be added advantage. Once you complete a major update and release this in market for little high price and provide support and updates in yearly basis. This way you can concentrate on adding more modules, themes, customer support and bring more innovative and useful options in future. Please consider this as just my advice.

Thank you.

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