I have 5000+ products is it possible to import a products from .CSV file into the microweber product/shop module? I believe this feature is a would definitely make life easier even for business with small quantity of products.

If it is not currently possible would this be something that would be implemented in the near future

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Microweber Team   2014-09-26 12:20:34
Hi, Matt!

Yes, it is possible. You can import your products from a .CSV file pretty easy.

If you encounter any problems, drop us a message on the Contact Form or here. :)

mattjeffs   2014-09-26 12:20:34
Hi Alex,
Thanks for the quick response. That sounds great - is there a .CSV template for importing products (I can't find much information re: Importing). I also assume importing would be done under "Settings" "Import", which seems a general import area??

Also, if there is an existing product with same name/credentials (maybe just an updated price) in the .CSV file will it overwrite, append/duplicate the record?

Your help would be much appreciated
T Chrigui   2017-02-09 10:37:57
for any future users needing this, here is a fast accurate way to do it:
go add few products similar to what you have in mind. 2 to 10 tops.
then export the products you have added to csv.
then use that products in the csv as a template or guide to add new ones.

Hope this helps anyone stuck in the future :)

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