I've downloaded 0.95 and tried installing on Mac I get the configuration screen and enter the details and I get a progress bar that goes up to 67% and stops I have left this running over night and it doesn't go any further.

If you refresh the page the progress bar goes away and the localhost page is shown as blank.

I can run PHP and html pages on the same install. I am using MAMP. This set up worked fine before the Mac OS upgrade.

Can you help please? Thanks in advance.

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peter   2014-11-17 13:30:58

We found this on stackoverflow


Some other people are experiencing such problems

Maybe it will help solve it
supriya   2017-02-03 07:37:26
I found lots of interesting information here.
Sammy   2017-04-15 12:27:30
Thanks a lot for giving us insight about Macintosh installations however, further explanation clearly may be expected by many other readers.
mywave86a   2017-08-17 10:25:49
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