Hi again,

In settings -> Language we select the greek language but no strings are loaded.
We've also uploaded the updated gr.json.

Tried to translate some strings but they don't show up on the frontend.

Could you please shed some light?

Thanks in advance!

Comments for Language Selection

peter   2014-10-11 08:33:24
Hello, not all text is in the language file. There is some work needed to be done.

If someone want to help us and put all missing translations please fork the source code here

The translations are done like that

<?php _e("My text to translate"); ?>
pgkatzelidis   2014-10-11 10:10:43
In fact I was referring to some common strings like "checkout" and others used in the checkout process. Shall I also use , for these strings, gettext calls in the php files ?
peter   2014-10-11 10:32:21

the <?php _e("Some text"); ?> function does not use gettext

When you enter <?php _e("Any text"); ?> the function will make new entry in the json file if you are logged as admin
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