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List of contributors

All of us work together to achieve a greater freedom and independence in creating and sharing content. Open source is a model that inspires us to strive towards innovation and better quality of services. This holds true in the case of Microweber too as all contributors and volunteers improve the system. 

Innovation is the future and the future is ours!

This section contains a list of all those guys and girls that decided to create, modify and help - armed with their skills and knowledge.

Name/Organization Website
Dmitry Utkin
Article for Microweber 
Plamen Petrov Article for Microweber
The NounProject Icons
Petros Gavriilidis   Translation of MW to Greek
Bernhard Zimbelmann Translation of MW to German
Boris Sokolov Translation of MW to Bulgarian
Larisa Raikova
  Translation of MW to Russian
Lukáš Věžník Luke on Linkedin  Translation of MW to Czech
Open Source CMS  Article and Review for Microweber
Juan Diego Polo  Review of Microweber  CMS Review of Microweber
TechMagz  Article for Microweber
MakeTechEasier  Short review of Microweber
Find Best Open Source
 Article for Microweber
Bryan Ruby
 Article for Microweber
Paweł Krużel  Translation of MW to Polish
Shpend Kurtishaj  Security Tests
HTBridge  Security Test for Microweber
Null Security  Security Tests
D. Velev
 Security Tests & Bug Fixing
Enstine Muki Article for Microweber 
Keleri Quality feedback
Shubham Sahu
Shubham at Facebook
Bug Fixing
Mazen Gamal Mesbah 
Mazen at Facebook
Bug Fixing
Mahmoud Reda Abdelmonem 
Mahmoud at Facebook
Bug Fixing
Daksh Patel
Daksh at CrowdCurity
Bug Fixing
Alexandre Pessoa
Alexandre at Facebook
Bug Fixing
Satheesh Raj
Satheesh on Twitter
Bug Fixing
Ankush Mohanty
Bug Report & Fixing
Web Plus Web Plus Facebook  Bug Report & Fixing
FaisaL Ahmed Bug Report & Fixing
Mohammed Al-saggaf Mohammed Al-saggaf Facebook Bug Report & Fixing
Osanda Malith Jayathissa OsandaMalith on Twitter
Bug Report & Fixing
Koutrouss Naddara Kountrouss at Facebook Bug Report & Fixing
Khan Owais Khan at Facebook Bug Report & Fixing
Shivram Chouhan Shivram on Twitter Bug Report & Fixing
Rajat Sharma Rajat on Twitter 
Bug Report & Fixing
Ayoub Nait Lamine Ayoub Nait Lamine at Facebook Bug Report & Fixing
Amine Marzouki Amine Marzouki at Facebook Bug Report 
Ashish Pathak Ashish Pathak on Twitter
Bug Report
Islam Elsabahy Islam Elsabahy at Facebook
Bug Report & Fixing
Eslam Medhat Ezzat Eslam at Facebook Bug Report
Ajay Anand
Security Test
Lalit Kumar(@piraterex)
Latin at Facebook  & on Twitter
Bug Report
Siddhartha Tripathy
Siddharta at Facebook
Bug Report
Mayur Agnihotri Ninja Info-Sec Services Pvt. Ltd Security Tests & Bug Fixing
Yash Pandya
Yash at Twitter
Bug Report
Akshay Saini Akshay at Twitter
Bug Report
Garry D. Bacalso Security Testing
Anurag Srivastava Anurag on Twitter Bug Report
Konka Karthik(@konkakarthik) Security Testing
Karem Farok Karem at Facebook Bug Report
Shubham Gupta
Shubham on Twitter
Bug Report
Babar Khan Akhunzada Babar at Twitter
Bug Report
Ali Hassan Ghauri Ali at Blogspot
Bug Report
Abdul Haq Khokhar  Abdul on Twitter Bug Report
Abdul Rehman
Abdul at Facebook  Bug Report
Mert TASCI Mert at Twitter Bug report
Pham Kien Cuong ITAS Vietnam Bug Report
Tran Dinh Tien ITAS Vietnam Bug Report
Dang Quoc Thai ITAS Vietnam Bug Report
Md Mihir Mistry   Security Researcher
Dhiraj Datar Security Testing 
Pflash Punk
Pflashon Facebook
Security Testing 
Ronak Toshniwal
Ronak on Facebook
Security Testing 
Sree Visakh Jain
Security Testing 
Gjoko Krstic
Multiple Security Vulnerabilities 
Rumen Kovachev Rumen on Facebook
Tester, bug reporter and beer fan
John Page aka hyp3rlinx
Security Report
LinkedIn Profile  Bugs reports
Cuanq Gigabyte
Indonesian Translation
Djaber Djoukhrab
Security Testing 
Kacper Szurek
Security Testing 
Noman Shaikh
Noman at Facebook Security Testing
ShivBihari Pandey (Hack_Rider)
ShivBihari Pandey at Facebook and Linkedin Multiple Vulnerability
Hemant Bansal (BGIET)
Security Testing


We are updating the list at the moment....

Check for updates on Github 

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