The live edit topbar will overlap ‌on live edit, screenshot below:

This will make picking the live edit modules difficult as the bar will close if the right/left arrow is pressed. Tested on both firefox and chromium, result is the same.

Microweber version: 0.930
Browser: Firefox 27.0.1 & Chromium 32.0.1700.107
OS: Ubuntu

Comments for Live Edit Module Overlap

  2014-03-17 10:40:29
HI Damien, the site screenshots shows version 0.92 on 0.93 we change the toolbar, and we are collecting feedback out it now.

What do you think of it? Do you like the old one or the new one better?
Microweber Team   2014-03-17 10:40:29
Testing if there is a bug now with the arrows
damienov   2014-03-17 13:53:40
Hi, thanks for answering.
I do believe that the 0.92 is a better option. With the 0.93 one, I can't click the next/previous arrow of the live edit items without closing the overlay, it feels like I'm fighting the menu. It's also not very good for the workflow as it makes the items more "Hidden" that it already is.

With the old one it's more familiar (dropdown) and less hidden. Perhaps make a "drawer" slide instead of an overlap?
Microweber Team   2014-03-26 09:06:52
Hi Damien, we will rework it. Now we released new update with some fixes. You can get it via the auto updater or from the download link
damienov   2014-03-26 09:06:52
updated to 0.93

the overlay is working great and love the new "tour" popout

Unfortunately the new update break a few things also:
<a href="http://imgur.com/OlvzviF"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/OlvzviF.png"; title="Hosted by imgur.com" /></a>

It's still usable though
damienov   2014-03-26 09:06:52
Microweber Team   2014-03-26 09:06:52
Hi Damien, can you clear your browser cache. Shift+Ctrl+Del

It may be from this. Here everything looks OK
damienov   2014-03-26 09:06:52
Yep, clearing my cache seems to works. Thanks
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