Live Edit

          Write, edit and manage your content in real time.  

The Real-Time Text Writing and Editing feature (WYSIWYG editor) allow users to write, edit and overall manage their content in real time. Going “live” means you can work on the website interface every time you wish to, a real What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) experience. Of course, Microweber has an admin panel too, so users can switch between different views depending on their preferences. Use it like google docs in real time.

Our custom WYSIWYG editor puts you in full control of your website, giving you a one-of-a-kind live experience.

The Real-Time Text Writing and Editing feature is a groundbreaker, since it eliminates the need to preview content. This cuts the waiting time during the work process and makes organizing and creating your content a smooth and pleasant experience. Ever thought what it would feel like to work on your amazing online store, personal blog or corporate website custom template design? This is now completely possible and surprisingly easy.

Using live edit is as easy as never before. No pop-up windows, no fields, and strange stuff around. Just use it as your Microsoft Word for Internet. This is what Microweber actually is - your personal website builder and a very powerful content management system. 

Create your website now, start writing words and publishing posts the way you've always wanted.