How are the modules Login, Register, and Forgotten Password meant to work? The Login module seems to just have a link to Log out, Register, and Admin; login seems not to be linked. So are we meant to only use social media logins or can we add custom fields for name/email and password? I've selected all the social media check boxes in the login module but nothing related shows, I'm guessing you have to complete the Client ID and Client Secret fields for anything to show.

I can't see any 'customers' table in the database so I assume we do have to rely on the social logins.

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peter   2014-10-14 08:38:28
Hi Nick, the resisted users are stored in the "users" table.

In order to make the social links work you must set them up from the admin and add API keys for facebook, etc.

Go in Admin->Settings->Login & Register

To show fist name and last name fields check them under the "Register form settings" button
nick   2014-10-14 17:46:31
Thanks Peter. I can research the social logins in Google.

In Admin->Settings->Login & Register I’ve setup the URLs and I’ve ticked the First name and Last name tick boxes, but when I drag and drop the registration module on to the registration page it only shows ‘New Registration or Login’, no input fields for first and last names. However the fields are present in the html source, just not visible, so does js code control visibility somehow? I see how it should look in your demo at
nick   2014-10-18 17:39:25
We can set a different template for the login module in the admin section, but I can't see a way to do that in Live Edit mode, and I'm finding I need this option in Live Edit so that I can adjust the template for the module when added to the header.
gambino   2016-09-08 20:27:40
i don't find the tick for the first and last name i go to admin->setting->login & register but i don't see anything?

thankfor your reply
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