Microweber 1.1.4 is released

Microweber 1.1.4 is released

Microweber release notes provide information about the progress of developing new features, enhancements applied to the current version and bug fixing has been done.
This page includes release notes for platform releases, feature releases and bug fix releases. If you are updating from an earlier version of Microweber, you will find all the expected minor and major changes which will be applied to the version you already installed.

What’s new in release1.1.4

CSS Editor Beta Version

Now you can easily add or edit most of CSS property of any element while editing your website through the Live Edit Mode.
Editing CSS properties can be done from the sidebar panel by going to “Settings” tab after then use the element inspector element to choose the element you would like to add, edit or remove it’s CSS properties.


Color picker enhancements (you can enter Hex code manually now)
URL structure (Accepting non English characters)
Improvements of the “Undo” function
Search in Admin Panel Enhancement

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed grid button position
  • Color overlay in layouts does not work
  • Handle overlapping of section handler and toolbar
  • Comment publish/unpublish does not work
  • Fixed “Jump to top” icon positioning
  • Multiple pictures upload
  • Fixed encryption key and registration email failure
  • Add category does not work
  • Fix undo function errors
  • Add target selector on menu
  • Admin Panel Tree Menus bugs (Search, re-order, select all and others)
  • Fixes on the JS tree
  • Dropping in the Columns module issue
  • Safe-element should not be editable
  • Small editor was not working
  • Update Failure due to permissions issue
  • Cannot save base64_decode() because of set_time_limit()
  • Editable columns.js error

Our teams are not saving any effort in order to bring new, more delightful and stable versions of Microweber. Keep around to get all our updates and feel free to submit your questions to our community.

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