just another qestion I need to have diferent heading menu for example for purose of multi language page.
How can I do it?

Tx Jan

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Peter Ivanov   2014-08-06 17:55:05
Hi skrenda, no such option to do it automatically.

There can be done by hand by modifying the template.
skrenda   2014-08-06 17:55:06
Hi Peter,
can You advice me how to do it?
Microweber Team   2014-08-06 17:55:06
Hi Skrenda,

This will be a hack in the theme. Its not recommended to do it this way.

We are thinking of a way to provide the multi-language functionality.

Anyway for now

You can change the

<div class="container edit" field="liteness-header" rel="global">


<div class="container edit" field="liteness-header-<?php print current_lang() ?>" rel="global">
skrenda   2014-08-06 17:55:06
Thanks .. but this seems to be above my limits.

I tried to delete menu from heading and put menu in to every page - made arangement in one page then clone page, but problem is that these two menus in both sites are abyhow connected, when I change on it changes other one as well and also I can not place any other menu .. it seems to be bug...
Microweber Team   2014-08-06 17:55:06
Hi skrenda, click on the menu settings in Live edit

and there is a button "Create new menu"
can you try if this works
skrenda   2014-08-06 17:55:06

I have created EN-menu set and other lang. set. Placed menu in each page and linked to diferent menu sets. But problem is that thes menus was anyhow linked 9may be becasue i have created one page and then copied page) ... but now I can not add any more menu (even to the new page) when I try to do so menu just disapare. I tried to delete all menus from all pages, but I can not add new.

Quite strange ....
skrenda   2014-08-06 17:55:06
I have deleted all the pages .. created new one and still I can not add ady menu ;o(
Microweber Team   2014-08-06 17:55:06
Ok we will try to debug
Microweber Team   2014-08-06 17:55:06
Hi, the custom menu is creating from here. Please replace your vesrion with the files from , we released some fixes
skrenda   2014-08-06 17:55:06
Hi, thank You
I was about to delete it anyway because even when I shtched to another theme and delete all the files I was not able to put in to new page menu ;o(
Microweber Team   2014-08-06 17:55:06
Hope the link works.
skrenda   2014-08-07 11:50:37

so I have reinstaled.
Now when I create one page with menu and then go to page settings and create copy of this page, then all menu in these pages are linked tohether. It does not crash as before, as everithing around menu before was non functional. Now is possible to delete menu place again and it's disconnected from others ( have not found any other way how to disconnected then delete and place again). Also still the same problem with page saving - have to edit any text before saving changes in backround & colors etc.

Regards Jan
skrenda   2014-09-10 10:15:39
Hi, One more question ..
when I go to page settings / duplicate and create new copy of the page, which I rename, it's still have path as original page with some random number and I can not change this page path. Is it done on purpose or some bug?

Regards Jan
Boris Sokolov   2014-09-10 10:15:39
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