dapachers June 20, 2016 / 00:00
can i create a site like microweber.com ?

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Peter Ivanov   June 27, 2016
Hi, you need a back-end system for this. Try WHMCS + Cpanel

There are some scripts to make installation here https://github.com/microweber/microweber-hosting-scripts
giripamungkas   August 10, 2017
Hi peter, If we need Microweber integration with whmcs ,so demo user can try with Our sub domain and choose themes from Our galery, what should I do. I am a newbie. Thanks
Lyrin John   August 10, 2017
I also have one doubt about the multisite.if same domains are possible or not the multisite.here included informations are very useful for me.it such a useful site and it include articles are important. shabdhaclinic.com/about-speech-and-hearing-clinics
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