I was wondering if it is possible to implement some sort of password protection on individual galleries, I decided to try microweber out for building my website that deals in Photo booth hire and haven't looked back. It is simple to use etc.

I would prefer to keep the website running from one CMS if this isn't possible I don't mind using an external Gallery such as Zen though :)

Best Regards

P.S just to clarify I'm not posing as an Admin of the site, its just I used my admin email address to register :)

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  2014-10-06 15:40:39
Hi Aaron, we don't have such function yet. For now you can set user protection on posts and add your gallery in the post. You must set "Require login" in Advanced settings when you add a post. Users then need to be registered to view the post.

Hope this will solve your problem
Aaron   2014-10-07 10:18:51
Thanks very much Peter, I'll give that a go and see how it goes down with clients :)

Another quick question, The Marketplace, when will that be ready? since I am almost close to finishing the site, I want to start making themes that are editable in Live Edit for other people to use :)
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