I have been trying to import a csv or excel file, description and titles are okay,  but the pictures are not showing.

Any idea why the import module doesn't work properly?

Thanks for your help.

Comments for Pictures are not showing after importing

lumecai   2014-06-02 17:40:19
Sorry, any idea when this is going to be fixed, it is not working.
peter   2014-06-02 17:56:11
Hi, it should work now. We fixed this. Can you download the files from here and replace the old
lumecai   2014-06-06 04:03:31
Hi Peter, thanks for your answer. I downloaded the from the link and I tested it, the pictures are still not showing, everything else is importing correctly but the pictures.

lumecai   2014-06-26 18:59:07
Hi, pictures still are not working when importing files and in v. 0.93462 setting disable online shop to NO doesn't remove the add to cart button.
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