Alex Liebrecht
Hello Micro Weber community

I am a German user of Micro Weber and I like that fine CMS, but I also have problems specifically with the Live Edit function.

I want to change the start pus Micro Weber my website and was just going to make it in the Live Edit. I have saved the changes, but unfortunately the changes are not visible.

How can it be then?

Then I have in the back of Micro Weber in Settings -> Templates adjusted so that the website should look like a blog. And that does not work.

Can anyone help with these problems.?

For every helpful tip I would be grateful.

Comments for Problems with Live Edit

peter   2014-11-17 23:46:03
Hi Alex,

If you want to change the homepage layout you must edit the page in the admin panel.

Click on the "edit" icon next to the page in the website tree

There is a "Layout" setting, where you can choose the default layout for the home page

Choose the blog layout and click save.

This should work
Alex Liebrecht   2014-11-20 08:53:58
Hi Peter,
Thanks for your reply. It was so like you said worked. And now everything is fine and I have one other question and that can be used to display Blog comments in the sidebar? This would add value to the blog readers or visitors.
peter   2014-11-20 11:19:07
Hi Alex, you can drag and drop the comments module in the sidebar.

Then if you open the module settings, you can choose to display recent comments
essaydune   2017-02-27 08:41:17
I also had such problems with my ED account. The comments from all the students that wrote to me were removed by me accidentally and I didn't know where to find them. The guys helped me a lot here. Thanks.
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