I would like to know what is the product link's structure? Not the pretty link but the real php one.
For example


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peter   2014-10-06 14:25:57
Hello, there is no option to use the CMS without pretty links.

It is good idea to be able to get the content by ID from the URL, we will make such functionality and release it this week.
panayiotis xatzis   2014-10-06 14:25:57
i work with microweber ... itw very nice very good job ......but i have litle problem ..... i want to get in and they want the real links for the product ..... i have only the pretty lings .....please tell me if i cand found somewere in the microweber
peter   2014-10-06 14:26:43
Hi, you can use content_id parameter
pgkatzelidis   2014-10-07 17:51:38
thanks Peter, that's what we wanted!
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