Hi, i was wondering if the Open Source part worked like the live one here ? 

1. Is there an automatic create website page, Where they add what they want there site name to be and it automatically sets everything up and they can start editing there website and view it ? like on a subdomain ? 

2. Does this use Composer ? 

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peter   2014-10-02 08:32:39
Hi gdobson,

On your questions

* Yes the open source part is THE SAME as the non-free, the only difference is that the paid plan comes with some modules and templates on our hosting. You can also get those modules and templates from the marketplace

* There is a template choice on the installation page, when you choose a template it comes with pre-defined content like blog, shop, about-us page, etc

* It uses Composer to install 3rd party deppendecies
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