Ready for the new templates?

H‌i Guys,

Some time passed before we get back. As you know we were at Webit Instanbul - looking for new investors.

We are now online in our new office and started doing something you were asking many times - TEMPLATES.

Yes, yes, templates, we know that you need them and now we are working hard on making them.

For the last few weeks we succeed to prepare for you 2 brand new templates.

The first one we called "SHOPMAG", because it is for magazine and online shops. 

Here are few screenshots of it. We hope you will like it. Mobile Ready! 

And also we are presenting you another much more simple, but clean and effective new template we called "ROCK"

It is perfect for photographers and portfolio presentations, but also contains simple online shop, which makes it perfect for sales.

We hope you will like it to! Here are some images of it! Mobile Ready! 

The new templates will be online in our Marketplace very, very soon if black cat does not cross our path :) 

Waiting for your comments. All the best! 

Comments for Ready for the new templates?

Bach Johann   2018-01-23 11:36:43
Much thanks for the sharing! COOL.. seo virginia
Ethan S.   2017-06-30 12:29:33
Hey, just wanted to say thank you for such beautiful templates. I bought one which fits my site really well. I'm amazed by your work, keep it up! Have a good Thursday!
Marcin   2017-06-30 12:29:33
Hi, can you send me link with this template? What is costs of this? Did you update this template? THX for respond
Elizabeth   2017-06-30 12:29:33
I like „Shopmag” very much. Simple, clean and effective. „Rock” is also great. Both templates will come in handy for my customers. Simplicity is the key to online success.
Jane   2017-06-30 12:29:33
They look pretty awesome! I have few projects in mind, probably will use soem of these.
matt   2017-06-30 12:29:33
I'm always ready such templates! :)
camdy   2017-06-30 12:29:33
I like them dark templates
Shawn   2015-02-27 04:12:03
Are we really going to see version 1.0 in February. It seams that you make a lot of promises and don't follow through.
Peter   2015-02-12 11:39:25
Working on the release, will come out soon. Don't beat us :)
Ash   2014-12-16 10:24:03
That dark gallery template totally rocks!!! I love it - looks so sleek and expensive. I'll make websites for all my photographer friends!
rslibre   2014-12-16 10:24:03
You only have dark templates ????
Ralph   2014-12-16 10:24:03
Hi Guys,
where is the "my module" button?
I can not find it in the new version!
Boris   2014-12-05 12:50:01
@NikSat we hope this will be happening after 3-4 weeks at max.
Now we are moving the CMS to Lavarel and this is the main reason for the delay, but don't worry because after few weeks you will have even more new templates 5-6 i guess.
NikSat   2014-12-05 12:50:01
When will we be able to enter the Marketplace and get the new Templates and other Extensions?
peter   2014-12-05 12:50:01
Hi, the marketplace is coming. Yes we are going to offer templates and modules. Also if you are a developer you will be able to sell your own too.
Moz   2014-12-05 12:50:01
what is the market place link
are you going to also offer plugins?
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