Hello, I have created my website and I really liked microweber, my website looks great in my computer and tablet, but not in Mobile phones. My website is How can I fix the overlaid and mixed content that appears on Mobile adaptation/versión? Than you so much, Olga.

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Microweber Team   2014-03-25 12:36:39
Hi Olga,

Seems the element with the pink background have a static height set. You must pick the pink element with the design tool and set it's height to auto.

We will try to fix this problem in the next updates
Olga   2014-03-27 08:15:53

I have changed all my elements to Height-Auto, but still the same in mobile phone screen. I also changed to with-auto but although I save the changes, then when I click the element again, the auto check is unchecked, I don´t know why it is not saving. What else could I check?

I don´t know if the video element or maps element are creating the problem, but, I need those elements I wouldn´t like to delete those.

Thank you.
richard   2014-05-12 10:03:35
Is it possible to deactivate / bypass the responsiveness of the litness theme?
I'd like my website to appear the same way on all devices.
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