Les Pruszynski
H‌ello Guys,

Just came across Microweber. First of all thank you for making it available as an Open Source project.

Do you have any roadmap, or stuff you are working on to share with us (people interested in the project).

I noticed it's still in beta. When do you plan to release it as v1?

Are you going to update the presentation layer with newly released Bootstrap 3?

I would like to use is for a future project but without that information t's difficult to make any decisions.

Thank you and keep up this fantastic job.

Best regards,


Comments for Roadmap

  2013-10-05 16:26:30
HI Les, thanks for the feedback and that you like Microweber.

We added a road-map here https://microweber.com/roadmap

You can follow it and post ideas and suggestions too.

INSPIRED   2013-11-05 12:40:09
CONGRATULATIONS on new release of MICROWEBER 0.9!!!!
I was wondering have you added any option to insert Flash animation or flash based 360 degree rotary view for product display. it is important for any online store to represent their product in a dynamic way. Specially in case of ornaments or cell phones. Customer likes to see full detail of the product. I didn't see it in previous version. or I don't know how to do it with Mircoweber.
Can it be done with Microweber? Because even in blog sites it can be done.
  2013-11-05 12:39:53

You can use the EMBED CODE module and insert any Flash or Iframe

We will probably add Flash support into the insert media screen
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