I installed 0.93 and it is not possible to add pages nor to alter the content of the page. drag and drop works, but saving brings up the message "all changes are saved" but when viewing it in another browser...everything stays on the positions as no changes had been made.

i changed the CACHE-directory rights to 777, cleared cache and same happens. hmmmm.

what is wrong? 

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Peter   2014-03-20 09:02:07
Hi, can you send us your website and ftp details from the contact us page and we will investigate

Microweber Team   2014-03-26 09:06:44
We have your details and fixed the bug.

It was due a table prefix issue.
Nathan   2015-08-05 04:49:56
Hi there,

I am also experiencing this issue. The site was working great, but is not showing the same symptoms as explained above.

Any ideas would be most appreciated.


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