Items Will not linked to assigned category using the dropdown tag. It will defaulted to main shop module category only

Also if you deselect the main module Category (Shop) the item will be hidden and cannot be accessed trough the admin, the only way to recover the itemis is editing the item parent from the database

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Microweber Team   2014-03-31 12:34:02
Hi Damien,

It works here.

When you add new product you must open the Category menu and click the checkbox for each category
damienov   2014-04-23 12:15:12
Still not working for me even with the new update

Unfortunately the recording can't capture the dropdown, but this is as instructed

Yes you can still tag it, but it will revert to just "Product" after saving save.

Browser: Firefox 28.0
OS: Ubuntu
Peter   2014-04-23 12:15:12
Hi Damien, this is fixed. If you wish download the latest version from here

Dao   2014-04-23 12:15:12
Category in the store does not work. The latest version - 0.9345
Cecil   2014-06-25 02:45:26
I'm having the same issue. No matter how many times I try to assign a category, it defaults back to "Shop". The Updates section is "Settings" says I have the most recent version. Any ideas?
Alexander   2014-07-18 13:43:01
I'm having the same issue in "Blog". Category in "Blog" does not work.
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