The statistics bar is displayed on top of your Dashboard in a clean and easy-to-understand design, showing all important information you need to know about the performance of your website, online store or blog, both in real time and historically.

You can see how your page performs in terms of views and in terms of visitors. You can also view daily, weekly, monthly or yearly statistics.

The graph contains information about the number of people in your website at the moment, as well as data about the views and visitors generated so far during the day.

If you click on the "Show More" button, you will see more detailed info about Referrers (the Web link used to direct users to your web page), Content (the content users visited on your webpage) and Visitors (info about the time, country, IP address of the users visiting your website).

There is also statistics about the number of visits by country and browser language.

Why statistics is so important?

Statistics gives you valuable insight into your visitors' behavior patterns – what kind of content they like, what time of the day usually attracts the highest traffic, where your main readership comes from, etc. Keeping a track of this figures and analyzing them in an objective and systematic way can help you optimize your efforts and improve your overall performance.