I've copied a website and it's database from my local server to a sub-domain sub-directory on an online server, so the website now resides in /home/mydomain/public_html/test/ and the url is something like The website worked fine locally, now uploaded with new configuration settings in config.php and RewriteBase set to /test/ in .htaccess the menu has lost it's position styling and the slider (from litness) does not work (it shows all slides) and the site is not centered, however other styling loads ok (eg colors). In view source the paths to the css files look ok except that some have a double forward slash (//) after userfiles/

Also returns error 500 internal server error (mydomain is not the real domain).

Any ideas please?

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nick   2014-08-27 14:49:35
SOLVED! Although installed in a sub-directory, because I'm accessing via a sub-domain I needed to comment out the RewriteBase in .htaccess
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