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Im new to MW but looking to possibly replace our current infrastructure with MW as I like the drag and drop and Im a laravel developer so it helps!  Our current site is configured in sub folders so we have




I've created a page for Service 1 and given it a slug of service1 and then created a page called "main service page" with a slug of main_service_page and set the parent to be the service1 page so I assumed that would make the url of the main service page /service1/main_service_page but its /main_service_page

Am I missing a setting somewhere? Can I use a folder structure for my pages ?

Thanks in advance for any guidance. If I can solve this, its looking like it might be a goer.

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Peter Ivanov   2019-04-05 07:58:37
hi, right now you can manually change the URL to whatever you want, you can put folder structure there manually.

go in: admin->on edit page->click the URL and edit

we will make a setting for this in the future to be done automatically
tonyb   2019-04-06 08:23:29
Peter. Thanks for the reply. I had in fact tried that already but existing code strips out any forward slashes that you put in. If the url would work correctly with a / within a manually modified url, can you give me an indication as to where the code is that strips it out. I can then temporarily modify the code to allow me to put a / in until you add the setting. Many thanks.
tonyb   2019-04-08 08:19:04
FYI, I went into the database and put the / in manually but I think you must be splitting the url on a / to get the domain name, because it then tried to go to https://service1/main_service_page so I don't think its going to be quite as easy as I first hoped ;-(
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