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annonymous   2014-02-28 15:25:47
Please see my suggestion-
''live Image editor''
annonymous   2014-02-28 15:25:47
Please see my suggestion-
''live Image editor''
Microweber Team   2014-02-28 15:25:47
Hi, yes we saw it. This is planned feature in the next release
Ivan   2014-03-04 15:38:24
Do the online shop module have integration with econt and epay?
Boris Sokolov   2014-03-05 11:47:40
Ivan, unfortunately not yet, but we plan to integrate it soon. Next month probably.
Olga   2014-03-17 09:26:55

I would like to translate the admin panel to Spanish.
  2014-03-17 10:40:26
Hi Olga,

You can translate to Spanish, you can see the folder src/Microweber/functions/language/ and find the file es.php there is the Spanish translation.


You can edit it and see how it looks in the admin. Let us know f it works
Microweber Team   2014-03-17 10:40:26
Please post your ideas and suggestions here http://microweber.uservoice.com/
loreairmj   2014-03-27 08:15:45
is it already possible to create a multiple languages site?!
Boris Sokolov   2014-03-27 08:15:45

Want to see Microweber in your language?

If you want to see Microweber translated in your own language – go ahead and be one of our translation volunteers! Our CMS is currently available in 7 languages so there is a whole linguistic world waiting out there. In case you don't have a GitHub account, you can simply download the English version of Microweber and translate it in your native language. Please contact us when you are ready with your translated version so we can include it in our next update.

Read this here https://microweber.com/open-source

And check this tutorial where you can see how to translate MW on your language https://microweber.com/exploring-the-settings-of-your-website :)

D Velev   2014-04-16 10:44:29
Hello, MicroWeber team
I suggest Add picture from gallery (that is already uploaded) in the admin area.
Or i maybe missed where it is. I see only Upload new picture on Products page in Admin area
Best Regards
Peter   2014-05-29 07:28:18

I can't suggest in a provided link, so I would like to do it here. My suggestion is to create Events modul with calendar. Events would be marked in calendar with clickable links referring to post with specific event which has set thumbnail, description, single date or date duration. There will be then also option to put anywhere dynamic content with list of all events like posts.
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