Les Pruszynski

I'm not entirely sure what to think of MICROWEBER. On the one hand it is so easy to use, but on the other hand it's so infuriatingly confusing.

I admit that my frustration comes from the fact that I still don't know how things are supposed to work.

I want to create a very simple website with only one page, let's call it a landing page.

According  to the documentation that page is the index.php.

But how do I change/create this index page. Every time I change the contents of the index and refresh the page the index goes back to its pristine state.

Is there a way to designate a page to be a landing page so that it can be created and edited from within the MICROWEBER?

Every time I update my website to the new version, pages that I deleted (Blog, for example) comes back to life.

So, my question is, and I know that you guys are working extremely hard to make it a success, is it possible to create some very simple tutorials to get us started.

Many thanks.

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  2013-11-13 08:43:35
Hi Les,
Thanks for the feedback.

We are making a tutorial how to make template very soon. Expect it early next week.

The problem that the content is not changing might be permissions issue.

Can you check if the "cache" folder on your web server is writable?

Generally you can use any html page and edit it with microweber

Can you add the following html in your template and try again

<div class="edit" field="content" rel="content">
Your editable text
Les   2013-11-13 08:43:35
Hello Peter,
I completely missed the advanced button, where you can actually set/assign a new page to be a Home page.
It took some digging but I finally found what I was looking for.
Maybe, this option should be brought to the fore somehow. It's pretty essential, when creating new pages.
Best regards,
  2013-11-13 15:53:16
Hi Les,

We have put this button in the advanced settings because on most websites you need it just once.
I see in your case if you are using Microweber for capture pages you would need to change the homepage more often.
Will see if we can fit it anywhere.

We are preparing new update now with more than 20 bugs fixed and a lot more improvements.

Les   2013-11-13 15:53:16
Hello Peter,
Thanks for the update. On second thoughts, I think, you are right. This button is used sparingly, only for assigning landing (home) pages. So advanced settings is the right place for it.
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