Sander Houde May 04, 2015 / 00:00
Hello team Microweber,

I am unable to upload my website 0.98 content to the new 1.0 website.
At this point i am still working with 0.98 with the problem that i can't add any content to my site.



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Arjen Balfoort   2015-05-11 20:20:09
Unfortunately, you don't give us enough information to understand the problem. However, I'll assume you're using a MySql database.

I'm not an expert on Microweber but I've been packaging several MySql based applications for my distribution in the past. Upgrading an existing MySql application often involves updates to the scripts but that is not the biggest problem. The problem is that the old database often needs updates as well. I used SchemaSinc for that:

I hope you received support from the Microweber team because these kind of upgrades can be risky and complicated.
You will need good backups!

So, if you need help here, please be as detailed as possible and tell what you already tried.
Sander Houde   2015-05-11 20:20:09
Hi Arjen,

Thanks for your input. I have descided to explore other CMS programs and build a new website.
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