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White Label Standart

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Version: 0.2
Last update: 2017 Aug 17
Added on: 2015 Jul 07
Downloads: 31
Comments: 4
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White Label Standart

CREATED BY Microweber Team

 This standard license is perfect for Web Developers / Web Design Companies & Freelancers.
Sell Microweber CMS to your clients!

Your Own / Domain /  Logo / Links /   Microweber CMS is your CMS and Owr Team is Your Support!  

With the standard white label license you will have the rights to 100% re-brand Microweber content management system with your own logo and color scheme under your domain name.

The standard white label license installation comes with one default theme for free! If you need more templates you need to buy them from the marketplace.

Use Microweber under your brand and you can sell it to your clients.

The Microweber white label solution gives you the opportunity to make business that grows month by month and generates you a residual income. If you plan to use this license, we suggest you to become affiliate on Microweber marketplace and earn money constantly! 

This license is for single domain only!

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Comments for White Label Standart

Zwena   October 1, 2015
Hi, I wanted to know more about white label
Boris Sokolov   October 29, 2015
Zwena, what you can do with this white label license is to change the logo of Microweber. If you want to use all our templates, you need to get the white label pro license. If you need more information, please white me an e-mail at boris[at]microweber.com
kapre kapre   November 24, 2017
For the White Label Standard; Does this mean for every website I create using my own branding, I have to pay you guys $5 per month?. Or I will just pay $5 per month and I can use by own branding for how many clients I can have per month?. Thanks...
Boris Sokolov   November 24, 2017
@kapre kapre you can use Microweber under your brand for unlimited websites or shops you provide to the customers. You will receive the latest updates of Microweber and can continue using it under your brand. The subscription is monthly and if you can cover it the logo of Microwebre will appear, but still, Microweber will continue working without any limitations for your clients!
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