Is it possible to create multi language website and page-to-page translation with MW?

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jirza   2014-09-10 10:15:28
wow, why hasn't anyone answered this? Multilanguage is such a MUST HAVE in the global village we live in!
V   2014-09-11 14:11:55
I have the same question.
This is what I have tried but is not working.

Root/ = English
Root/A = Other

A. Copied all files on root to folder A
B. Made a copy of database DB and called it DBA
C. Changed Config.php to read DBA

A.mysite.com did not load so I also changed .htaccess:
#RewriteBase /your_sub_folder/ -> RewriteBase /A/

Still not working.

Any ideas?

Mysite.com loads but L2.mysite.com does not load
  2014-09-11 18:02:17
Hi, the only way for now is to make separate installs for each language.

You can make a subdomain for each language.

You don't need to change the .htaccess

In the site root where is your config.php, make a new file like config_de.mysite.com.php and make separate install
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