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A surprisingly simple way to sell your products online. Create product portfolios, showcase your products,
and sell with our e-commerce tools. You can even use your Paypal account to collect payments.


Take full controll of your posts. Engage your audience like never before. With only a few clicks you can turn your text posts into a multimedia experience. The "Live Edit" function makes it easier to insert, format and rearange anykind of content.

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Microweber meet Users and Clients with Webdesigners and Developers around the world.
Microweber Marketplace exist in each installation and it is a part of our community.


By “Modular Architecture” we mean something very simple, yet powerful: Microweber offers users both the opportunity to extend their website’s capabilities and the tools to do that. The CMS has many additional features aside plain text which are dubbed modules. Modules are very diverse and range from Picture Galleries to Contact Forms or Google Maps for example. We will turn our attention to them a bit later.

The Modular Architecture is valuable because it scales well with your needs and adjustments. If your brand has spread wider and needs to be fueled by richer customization including multimedia and other features, the Modular Architecture will keep on par. There’s a term for this phenomenon: we call it flexibility.

Common website features

Microweber CMS has a broad range of common website features, as well as more specialized e-commerce features. The most important common website features the CMS offers are:

Adding pages, posts and products

You can add new pages, new products if you’re using the CMS for their online shop, or new posts if you are keen on blogging. All of these can be organized in custom categories in order to achieve a better navigation and showcase of a website’s content. New pages can be created using different layouts and all pages, posts and products come with a preset number of modules to get users started. These modules can be changed and you can of course add your own custom set of modules as to create the most suitable content for your needs.


Loss of important data is everyone’s nightmare which unfortunately may come true in the most inappropriate moments and impede your progress. The solution to this is pretty simple: a backup option. Microweber CMS has it and you can create a backup of your website, online shop or blog with just a click and save the current state of your content. In case something happens you can always restore to that point, preventing any loss of valuable information.

Meta tags & SEO

You dont’t need to worry about additional services in the pursuit of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Microweber CMS has Meta tags and SEO is built-in so your website, online shop or blog can be easily optimized and found by those who are interested.

File Manager

Access your important files wherever you are located. Our software lets you upload files and store them on your website, so no matter where you happen to be, you can have access to them. Organize files in different folders, create subfolders and arrange your file content as you wish. Your need for flexibility and mobility has found its solution.

Automatic Update System

Updates are crucial.
They bring new features, empower the functionality of your website, online shop or blog and improve the overall user experience.
You may have a certain set of needs, though.
That is why the Microweber CMS update system is automatic in a customizable way. You will receive a notification and a set of available updates. It’s up to you which of them to install on your personal or corporate space.


The internet is global but its users have their local preferences. You may surely be more comfortable with working in your own linguistic environment. Microweber CMS is available in 7 languages and is continuing its linguistic growth. The current languages in which the software has been translated are English, Spanish, German, Russian, Bulgarian, Slovenian end Greek.

Specialized E-commerce features

that will help online shop founders see their business grow and excel.

Add Products

What’s an online shop without its products? Adding products and managing them is unbelievably easy. By default the product template consists of automatically added Picture Gallery, Text Field, Add to Cart button and a Custom Fields module. You can add their own modules according to their needs completely free.

No matter if it’s all about clothes, food, electronic devices or other forms of online business, you have a guaranteed smooth experience of adding and arranging your products.

Custom Fields

Have you ever felt the need to have an all-in-one customizable tool? The Custom Fields module includes 12 different settings ranging from Price, to Address, File Upload or Dropdown and Multiple Choices menus. Think of it as an organizer that will spare you the need of additional strains. You can choose which of them to include as to provide an accurate description of your products and push your sales to the top.

Shipping Options

There is nothing more substantial for e-commerce than products’ shipping. It is the bridge that connects you, the online entrepreneur with your customers. You surely deserve diversity when setting your shipping preferences according to your target audience and business structure.

Microweber CMS has a specialized Shipping options offering great variety to aspiring e-commerce enthusiasts. Customize your shipping costs to different countries or even disable shipping to some of them. Choose your preferred shipping type between a Fixed one, charging Per Item, or setting the cost according to Dimensions or Weight. Include discounts for loyal customers and alternate between different size and weight units. Enjoy the full flexibility and thrill of being in the vast waters of online trade.

Manage and Track Orders

Keeping an eye of your business is vital. Maintaining a reputation is a key. Our software has a built-in option for managing and tracking orders. Always be up-to-date with your products’ whereabouts so you can give the best feedback customers seek in case the shipping is delayed or another problem persists. Manage your orders and check whether they’re still pending or they are already completed. Have all information needed about your customers - only one click away. Check if there are any abandoned carts. You are a master of e-commerce – we’re just helping you on your way up.

Accept Payments & Set Currency

Your customers may have different types of payment methods and it’s only logical for you to have different types of accepted payments. Choose your range of accepted payments and set the currency your online shop will use. It can be dollars or euro, pounds or one of the hundredths of other currencies across the globe. We ensure you have the freedom of choice which you will utilize to the fullest.

Automatic order e-mail

Developing good relationship with your customers and creating a customer community is crucial for your business. Sending an e-mail to people purchasing from your online shop may seem like a small and unimportant part of the experience, but it’s not. Craft your perfect automated e-mail on your quest towards


You deserve to have your own audience and build a community around your brand, blog, online shop…or personal/corporate virtual space as a whole. Interact with other people and let other people interact with you. Microweber CMS has the toolkit ready for use.

Comments management

Comments are an inseparable part of the online experience. Tune in to what others say for your content and spark discussions on your website. Receive feedback and react to it accordingly. Meet new people and new ideas.

Social Login

Microweber CMS enables connecting with different social networks, including Facebook, Google+ and others. Instead of switching between profiles or creating a new one, use your already established online image and be authentic.

User Registration & Login

In case you wish to add more functional users for your website you can always register new users. This applies specifically for bigger companies with a great number of employees. Create new user profiles for those who need one and set whether they will have simple (user) capabilities or make them administrators of your online content.


Microweber CMS created websites are 100% compatible because we want to see you expand on all technological fronts.

Live Edit

Live Edit view is the manifestation of the Real-Time Text Writing & Editing core feature of Microweber CMS. Working in Live Edit view is in fact working on your website’s interface in real time.

As this is a highlight of the software and contributes to the idea of a smooth, uniquely comfortable user experience, it also comes with a wide range of actions users can accomplish. Its two most important mentions are the Modules and the Layouts.


The modules are the tools that you will utilize on your path to creating the website you wish to see. Microweber CMS has a modular architecture and is responsive to the different custom needs of its users. At this moment there are over 30 modules and all of them can be used in Live Edit view. You are ready to combine and create your content fully “live” without any restrictions.

There are different modules for the various needs you have: a Picture Gallery module and a Video embedding module for bloggers, a Checkout module and a Shopping Cart module for online entrepreneurs, Contact form, Comments or Google Maps modules for socialization. These are only examples so be sure to explore all of them and combine them depending on the purpose of your website and your personal preferences.


The layouts are a set arrangement of content. They are accessible in Live Edit view too and their only purpose is to save you time and offer you some preset ways of displaying your content. As with modules, layouts differ according to the personal preferences and needs of the user. There are text-only layouts, layouts that combine text and image, and more complicated layouts consisting of more elements.

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