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Our Solutions

Our solutions are designed in favor of the business optimization.

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Hosting companies

We offer a white label license, which in combination with WHMCS, Plesk or cPanel allows you to offer your customers the whole process, from search and purchase of a domain, selection of a website template, selection of a hosting plan to payment and creation of the website. All that is left for your client is to change the content on their new site.

The solution we are offering is unique and is for established companies that want to provide their customers a tool with which they can easily make a website, blog or online store.

You can trust our team, to make a complete integration and make the needed settings so that the process can work in your favor and for the benefit of your customers. If you are interested, we will be happy to contact us by email or you can also book a consultation. We will be happy to meet you!


Web design studios
less is more

As a web design company, you are well aware of the complex process of building a website. Microweber website builder greatly simplifies the process of building any kind of website. Using Microweber you will speed up the time needed to build a website. It saves you time and money, and your customers can maintain or expand the site easily.

Microweber comes with a rich library of layouts and modules. Microweber gives you complete control over the design of each individual layout. You can change colors, images, change and load fonts, play with the typography, add animations and many more useful features that will allow you to achieve the desired design. All this without having to program a single line of code.

By purchasing a license, you will have the right to use all the themes that we offer, as well as to brand the software with your company logo. The license gives you rights of unlimited installations of sites you create. You receive updates and support and your business can grow freely based on this license.


Drag and drop website builder

Programming and making a website is a difficult and slow process. That's why, for the last few years, we have developed drag and drop technology that allows you to arrange different blocks, edit text, colors, add multimedia, control forms and rearrange content.

Microweber's drag and drop technology can be implemented in almost any web-based software. The whole package contains a WYSIWYG editor allowing you to work with text, a visual editor with which you control colors, animations, grids, distances, etc., as well as the drag and drop technology itself. All this is developed by our team and does not depend on any additional libraries. The technology can be implemented both by API and as part of your software.

If you need an independent text editor, visual editor or drag and drop technology for your software, website or service, you can contact us for more information and custom integration.


Enterprise solutions

The enterprise solution that Microweber offers is a set of solutions that we can implement in your business in order to effectively expand the services you offer and their automation. From drag and drop technologies, text editors, infrastructure building (database or server), process customization, website and online store builder and more.

Share information securely with partners across your company.

Seamlessly create and manage hundreds of sites all at once.

Securely manage employee access and authentication through Okta, Azure, or a preferred provider.

Quickly add team members within your organization and easily adjust permissions from a centralized dashboard. Book a consultation, and we will be glad to discuss your needs and offer you a custom solutions based on your needs and business architecture.